Klever dance company

Klever Dance believes that dance and theatre should not only be catered for the elite and intellectual, therefor we strive to create work that speaks to a larger demographic audience. In collaboration with internationally renowned artist and designers we plan to create theatre that appeals, not only to the regular visitors, but to a more diverse audience as well. By creating dance pieces with complex movement, striking aesthetic composition, captivating original music and text we at Klever Dance aim to guide the audience through an intriguing narrative. We plan to engage with a more diverse audience by giving various tools and channels to enable the viewer to better understand the work and embrace the performance with more meaning.

Kristian lever and andreas fladvad-geier



created by Kristian lever and kellen mcdaniel

written by: Kellen mcdaniel and kristian lever
choreographed and directed by: Kristian lever
composition and sound design: Kellen Mcdaniel and marshall mcdaniel
Set and costume design: Thomas Mika
light design: Nuno salsinha

company director: andreas fladvad-geier
company manager: sara coffield

dancers: to be announced

premiere: November 27th 2019
SZENE SALZBURg theatre as part of the DIALOGE festival.
in co-production with the “internationale stiftung mozarteum salzburg” and “Axis danza, udine”

“ Framework is a new creation of dance theater. An evening filled with surprises and plot twists. Framework breaks with the traditional narrative structure as we follow the journey of Alice, a woman who has been kidnapped by total strangers and who forms an alliance with her captors out of fear and loneliness. As she spends more time with her kidnappers, hope of rescue fading from her mind, Alice finds herself coming to enjoy her captor’s company, in particular the oldest member of the group: Richard. Over time, Alice becomes cooperative and involved in the group’s activities, leaving memories of her past life and responsibilities behind. She lives a life of newfound freedom and liberty with her reckless and ramshackle colleagues. Alice doesn’t think of her old life; she can’t even remember it.  The group has turned out to be so caring and generous she considers herself lucky to have been abducted. 

As the evening unfolds, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. Boundaries between characters are constantly pushed beyond their limits, their identities broken and their images twisted. As the audience is given reason to doubt what they see and what they hear, a much greater mystery is unravelled before their eyes. Alice descends into a new world of strife, confusion and heartbreak as a third element pushes and pulls at the seams of an already desperate situation.

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